Rental Licensing Fee & Renewal Information

Rental Licensing Fees

Rental license fees and reinstatement fees are set by the city council and due with submission of a new or renewal application, according to City Code Chapter 50, Article II, Sec. 50-61.  All rental licenses are issued on a fixed 3-year cycle. The current cycle ends December 31, 2022, the new cycle will start January 1, 2023. Triennial license fees are prorated throughout the 3-year (36 month) licensing cycle. However, the “New License” or “Conversion” fee of $500 is not prorated.  If you are unsure of the license fee or have further questions, please call 763-576-2879  before submitting this application.  Checks received with the incorrect fee amount delays your application process.  

Renewal applications are due November 1st of the renewal year and follow the license fee table below. Fees are due at the time of application submission.

Upon request by the property owner, license fees may be rebated on a prorated basis if a property ceases to operate as a rental dwelling before the end of the license period.  The "No Longer Renting" form can be filled out online or print the PDF found below and mail in the request.

New License/Conversion$500
Annual Fee x 3 or Prorated per months left in the cycleEx.: $110/year = $330
     Single Family$110/year
     2 Unit (Duplex)$160/year
     3 Unit$180/year
     4 Unit$200/year
     5+ Units$170 base + $10 per unit for 5 or more units

Ex.: 5 units = $170 base + $50 = $220/year
In the case of Reinspections:
Reinspection with Full Compliance$0
Reinspection without Full Compliance$100 plus $25 per failing unit

Reinstatement for Suspended License$100
Reinstatement for Revoked License$1000
Nuisance Call Fee, first offense$250
Repeat Nuisance Calls$500/time