Rental Licensing

Rental licensing is required in the city of Anoka. The operation of residential rental properties is a business enterprise that gives rise to certain responsibilities. Operators are responsible to take reasonable steps, as may be necessary, to assure that the residents of the city who occupy rental units, and those residing near such units, may pursue the quiet enjoyment of the normal activities of life in surroundings that are safe, secure and sanitary; free from crimes and criminal activity, noise, nuisances, or annoyances; and free from reasonable fears about safety and security of persons and property.

Prior to operating a rental dwelling, all persons, firms or corporations shall obtain a license to do so. Some of the information needed to apply are: 

  • The Property Identification number found by searching the county website.
  • Reviewing the Rental Licensing and Crime Free Housing in the City Code.
  • Adding the Crime Free/Drug Free Addendum to your lease. A pdf copy is found below.
  • Attending eight or more hours of Crime Free Housing Educational Training.  Options can be found at cities near you or at MN Crime Prevention
  • As well as being able to supply information about your background process, complaint process and a blank copy of your lease.

   Apply online or download PDF application below.  If you have questions about the rental licensing program, please call 763-576-2879.

Rental Density Cap Ordinance

On September 17, 2018, the Anoka City Council adopted a Rental Density Cap Ordinance regulating the density of single family rental dwellings in the city of Anoka. The ordinance became effective on September 28, 2018.