Boulevard Trees

The City may elect to plant trees on the boulevards and/or allow adjacent residents this right upon receiving a permission from the Public Services Department. The following are the guidelines for planting on the boulevards of Anoka.

Planting Criteria

The following planting criteria should be observed at all times. Trees shall be planted:

  1. At least 30 feet from street intersection
  2. At least 10 feet from alleys and driveways
  3. 10 to 18 feet from a utility pole
  4. 10 to 15 feet from a fire hydrant
  5. At least 6 feet from private sewer and water services
  6. At least 6 feet from street signs and cross walks
  7. A minimum distance of 3 feet from the back side of the curb, increase distance by 1 foot for every 12 inches of mature trunk diameter. (Red Oak mature trunk can have a diameter of 36 inches, this tree should be planted 6 feet from curb).

Spacing Guidelines

In general, follow these spacing guidelines:

Mature Crown Spread

Recommended Spacing

Example Species

Very Narrow
Less than 20 feet

10 to 20 feet on center

Amur Maple, Columnar Norway Maple, Crabapple

20 to 35 feet

15 to 35 feet on center

Celebration Maple, Ohio Buckeye, American Hornbeam

35 to 50 feet

30 to 50 feet on center

River Birch, Kentucky Coffeetree, Green Ash, Ginkgo

50 to 75 feet

45 to 75 feet on center

Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak, American Linden

Very Wide
Greater than 75 feet

60 to 75 feet on center

White Oak, Northern Red Oak, Bur Oak

Tree Trimming and Care

Boulevard trees are located within the right-of-way (ROW). The size of the ROW varies greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood, especially in those where there are no curbs, no sidewalks or the street is wide/narrow.  The city will perform routine maintenance of boulevard trees, which may include trimming lower branches hanging over the roadway or sidewalk, trimming of the tree crown to remove hazardous limbs, or sometimes, complete tree removal.  If you are not sure whether or not a tree in your yard is a boulevard tree or private tree please contact the Public Services office for assistance.