Canine Officer

Anoka Police Canine History

Police dogs have been an essential part of the department since 1967. Since then, 16 German Shepherds have faithfully served the department and our community, and have retired.

 Sgt Jake Sorteberg and K9 Bravo received 2021 ACPCA case of the year award

September 24th, 2022  

At the USPCA National Trials hosted by Lowndes County Georgia, Anoka Police Department Sergeant Jake Sorteberg and K9 Bravo received an award for winning the 2021 national patrol case of the year.  These two were instrumental in apprehending an armed suspect during which K9 Bravo was shot.  K9 Bravo recovered and returned to work where he finished out his time with our agency until retirement.  

Officer Jake Sorteberg and K9 Bravo

Sgt. Jake Sorteberg and K9 Bravo.  

K9 Bravo retired from service in our community on August 1st, 2022.