Patrol Division

Captain Andy Youngquist

Captain Andy Youngquist oversees the patrol operations of the Police Department. Services provided under this division include:

Patrol Officers

Consists of 18 sworn police officers working three shifts that provided 24/7 coverage of the City’s police-related needs. The Patrol Unit Watch Commanders are Sgt. Tom Schneider, Sgt. Brent Solei, and Sgt. Chad Hagen. The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to 911 calls for emergency assistance, medical and accident response, general calls for service, and criminal and traffic law enforcement.

Park Patrol / Downtown Security

Consists of 4 full-time non-sworn personnel that patrol our parks and downtown area. This unit patrols the parks and downtown area during the peak months of the year to ensure that they remain a healthy and safe environment for our citizens and visitors to enjoy.

Anoka High School (AHS) Security

Consists of 4 non-sworn personnel who provide a police presence at the Anoka High School. This unit assists with security measures at the school to ensure our area youth are safe in their learning environment.


Police dogs have been an important part of the department since 1967. Since then, 15 German Shepherds have faithfully served the department and the community and have retired. Our present K-9 Officer is Jake Sorteberg and K-9 Bravo.


  • In 2019; Police calls were up from 21,468 in 2018 to 23,368 in 2019. An increase of 8.8%.
  • Part I crimes were down from 464 in 2018 to 432 in 2019. A decrease of 6.9%.
  • Part II crimes were up from 949 in 2018 to 975 in 2019. An increase of 2.7%.
  • Traffic Crashes were up from 689 in 2018 to 863 in 2019. An increase of 25.3%.
  • The Anoka Police Department continued to participate in the Toward Zero Death traffic safety campaigns. In 2019 the Anoka Police Department made 74 DWI arrests.