Anoka Station Master Plan

NorthStar commuter trainThe Anoka Station Plan outlines the preferred vision for development and redevelopment surrounding the NorthStar commuter rail station in Anoka. This document represents the culmination of a number of previous planning and market research efforts undertaken by the City since the inception of the transit line in 2000. This Plan provides an overview of the previous planning efforts, recaps of the vision and guiding principles already established for the district, and articulates the look and feel of the development. The intent is to assist policy makers and City staff to guide future development and help recruit the desired uses to the district. The Anoka Station Plan prescribes the development form and urban design character the City of Anoka envisions for Anoka Station over the next twenty years.


In 2011, the Anoka City Council submitted a Livable Communities Transit Oriented Development grant application to the Metropolitan Council for financial assistance for the redevelopment planning study. The city was awarded the grant in the spring of 2012, allowing the City to proceed with the redevelopment plan efforts.