Anoka Solution Plan for Highway 10

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and Anoka County funded the Highway 10 Access Planning Study through the Cities of Ramsey and Anoka which was completed in fall of 2014. The study identified high-benefit improvements that were fiscally responsible so that improvements could be funded, programmed, and implemented incrementally.

The City of Anoka then worked closely with MnDOT, Anoka County, Metropolitan Council and the consulting engineers from Bolton and Menk in planning, design and implementing the Highway 10 Anoka Solution Plan from the Highway 10 Access Planning Study to address the traffic issues on TH-10 in a more cost effective manner, based in large part on public involvement, affected property owners, and the City of Ramsey.


In July of 2015 the Anoka City Council adopted a resolution approving the Anoka Solution Plan for Highway 10.


In June 2016, the City announced plans to proceed with the Highway 10 Plan by leading improvements along Highway 10/169 at Fairoak Avenue.  The City continues to work with MnDOT, the Metropolitan Council, Anoka County, and the City of Ramsey to plan, design, and implement fiscally responsible safety and operation improvements to benefit all Highway 10/169 corridor users.


In 2017, the City of Anoka received a $20 million award of funds from the Minnesota Highway Freight Program to construct improvements along Highway 10/169.


At the April 22, 2019 Anoka City Council Worksession meeting, an update on the Highway 10 project was presented.